Performance Building Façades


The very good news in the façade industry is that there is no shortage of top quality high-performance products in the marketplace. Indeed, the industry is responding heroically to the rapidly escalating demands on the building façade with a plethora of new materials and products. The problem is keeping track of them all. In particular, understanding when and where to use them, how to incorporate them into a design, specify them, and get them fabricated and installed.

This is our specialty!

Our strategy is to utilize competitive, high-performance, top quality products with a documented record of successful applications. This strategy mitigates the risk commonly associated with high-performance products. And we are expert at configuring these materials and products in novel applications.

We study the marketplace. We know the industry producers. We are not a product manufacturer, not a manufacturer's rep, and thus have no product axe to grind, no vested interest in selling you any particular material. Rather, we are in the optimum position to support you in selecting and applying the very best façade materials and products, and those most appropriate to your project needs.

We bring to your table the full range of options in cladding technology and façade products, including:

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